OK I REALLY need somebody's help. I have an old compaq presario 2800 running windows xp home. Ok, it was working perfectly then all of a sudden, the logon screen doesn't appear. THe compaq logo displays, and then the microsoft windows xp screen, but after the microsoft logo, nothing else. screen just goes blank! any ideas? Thanks! :(

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Hmm, tricky, as it could be any number of things. First thing I'd try in your position is:

Hit F8 throughout the bootup, see if you can boot up in safe mode. If you manage that, try using System Restore to restore your machine to a time when it was working.

Good luck!

Or what I'd do is go into safe mode as mentioned above and then undo what you last did before the problem occured, if that means uninstalling one or more applications do that, I'd only do system restore as a last resort as it doesn't always do the best job of restoring your system

have you installed new video drivers?
does the screen go blank or hangs on the logo?
try bootin in safe mode as above.
could have a bad video card.

Ok, this was like an old computer that i use as my "experimental" computer. Cuz if this one breaks i wouldn't really care. Something went wrong when i was reinstalling some system drivers so i reformated it (didn't have any important data on the computer) and it works just like it did when i got it.......... FAST. I thought this computer would never again be as fast as it was when i got it. lol. :lol:

i have the same problem...except im running windows vista...i also cant see the logon screen after the bootscreen loads...have you solve this problem? pls pm me if you did...

is this a laptop of desktop PC,

is this a laptop of desktop PC,

its a desktop pc...do you have solutions for this problem? ive searched the internet and found more sites where people have the same problem but nobody seems to have solved the problem...

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