who would think something so wonderful could be so annoying...

right my problem is iv stopped a registery value (through spybot) for my btinternet wireless connection manager and it stoped working , however it would still connect to the internet. when attempting to connect to a diferent wireless network i cant as i cant get the manager up even when starting the application manually. going on a mad rampage i decided to delete everything to do with bt in hope of regaining control of the windows zero config thingummy but it still said it was disabled as another program was manging it. so iv tried to restart that by following someones instructions t no avail (so maybe i need help here). so i then tried to restore my laptop to a point where i didnt have spybot however it will not restore! it just says it cant restore back to that point (a now secondary problem) and iv tried restoring to different points with the same result... so then (oh yes theres more =] ) i tried to reinstall btinternet in the hope it would replace the value however at the point of entering the key it says its wrong however the internet then connects itself (which is how im talking to you now) but i cannot proceed and reinstall the software

a right tin of beans ey?

so now i want to know what to do:-

1- get wireless zero config to start working again/btinternet to start working
2-work out why my system restore wont restore

p.s i also deleted spybot in the rampage hoping that it would reverse the changes it made so i cant restore the registry changes that i found out how to do later... :@

please help!!!

a day without help just shows how stupid i must of been ... ah well dont worry about it

but as a slight bit of help im guessing theres a article on here about gettin wireless zero config to work so could anyone point me in the right direction please?

Hello type this into run ,go start/run ,type in this .
services.msc ,down the bottom you will see wireless zero ,click on it and change to automatic

yeah i tried that before but it still didnt do anything :(

my laptops just died completetly now lol its gets to loading screen (the second one not the one where u can choose raid settings etc) and stays there doin naff all

would it b worth goin in to safe mode savin all my stuff onto a external hardrive and just restore it completely and start again from scratch or could some one fix my system restore function so it will allow me to restore to a previous date

would it b worth goin in to safe mode savin all my stuff onto a external hardrive and just restore it completely and start again from scratch

would be the thing to do if you can ,not sure you will have usb devices in safe mode though ,you'll have to try backup to be sure

no usb devices in safe mode?... bugger

well iv still got waranty for my laptop so il phone there help line when its available. iv used it before and its worked ok so that should get it running again. i use the recovery console and they tell me wat codes to put in. in hindsight i should of really wrote down all he said but ah well

im gonna end this thread for the minute il come back soon :)