I have read several posts on this issue but none exactly fit.

I have recently installed win2k over win98 on an old Compaq n600c laptop. The laptop has one of those stickers saying it's win2k compatible.

I used an upgrade disk, and opted for a 'clean' install. I thought this would erase the win98 installation, but no, it sets up a dual boot scenario. However, it has not brought over any of the drivers for the win2K install - I have no VGA driver nor ethernet. It does not seem to be able to find these drivers on the upgrade disk either. The win98 install is still available and functional (although I'd like to get rid of it completely - I have removed any files I wanted to keep).

Is this normal? I assumed the upgrade to win2k would supply the correct drivers? I guess all I can do now is use the restore disks as supplied to see if they have any drivers I can use to get the machine connected to the net.

Any help gratefully received,


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Hi Caperjack, thanks for replying.

I'd checked the HP site and as you say, no win2K drivers.

Do you think the XP ones would work, and is this problem I have normal? If I had deleted the 98 partition, fdisked and installed win2k would it have installed the drivers? Oddly, I can't find them on the update disk.




some of the XP drivers work. sometimes. otherwise, yuo'd have to actually look at the laptop's specs and download the drivers from the different components' manufacturer's website.



I am wondering if I can somehow remove the upgrade to win2k (win98 still works and exists as a dual boot) whether I can re-upgrade to win2k but this time format the partitions properly, and if I do so, whether this time I will get the correct drivers brought over.

I have a nasty suspicion that I;ll be spending months discovering drivers that haven't been correctly installed if I stick with the current situation.



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