I had tried to use a new webcam from TriQuest and when I used the CD which came with it my laptop went into physical sump. So now I repaired my XP Professional and when the set-up tries to install the Windows at the following screen "MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT JUST GOT BETTER...." my laptop goes to physical memory dump and gives me the following error. It starts the dump at this same screen. I tried 2-3 times.

STOP : 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x00000000, 0xF78EE7A0, 0xF78EE4A0)

Please help me.

I ran into the same problem when i use to try to install a certain game and i never figured out why. But with your webcam you should be able to get the driver off line because there might be a problem with the disk. So i would check the website for the driver, also windows XP has some built in drivers to so check those out. Ill look up the stop code and see if i can find anything for you.

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Thanks TechTj

As far as I think I need to remove that specific driver from my laptop but the thing is I cannot get my laptop started at all.

I don't want to send it to IBM b'se it is still under warranty b'se I know they will just install new XP and all my data would be gone. Or is there is a way to get a back up for my HDD then probably I can send it.

Oh so your computer will not start? Dose it make it passed the bios?. As far as a backup if the computer wont start i would say plug it up to another computer as external storage and make a copy of the important files and then when u get it back from IBM you can put it back on but that would most likely void your warranty because you took it apart.

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First I am not sure if I make past the BIOS. All it does when I try to repair the Windows XP is deletes the old files then copies new one and start installation of XP. But when it shows the following "MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT JUST GOT BETTER", it goes into physical memory dump.

Is there any other way of backing it up other than taking out the HDD and attaching it to other laptop?