So I just built a new computer which has an asus commando motherboard with a built in network card (fast ethernet). I tried connecting it to my router (dlink 624++) and well it doesn't work.

I already have 1 wired computer connected to the router and I have 2-3 wireless laptops that all work fine with the router.

When I go into network connections folder in the control panel all I find is a connection called 1394-connection. It says its connected and protected by a file wall. When I check my wired computer downstairs it also has this connection but it also has an ethernet connection. I've compared the internet options of the two computers and they look to be the same though I could be wrong.

I don't know alot about computers at all I haven't set anything up on the computer so any help at all would be appreciated.

By the way I'm swedish so I apologise if it's hard to understand.

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Did you install drivers for the card if tha card came with a cd install the dirvers from the cd, if not go the manufacturer web site and download the drive to a flash drive and install on the pc with the card

go to system properties and chack if the card has a red X or yellow circle with exclamation sign or a question sign. any of this indicate that the system is not recognizing the card correctly.

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