Hello all, I have a company that repairs computers on the side and I do some networking and server maintenance. However, I have a new account where they have a pretty big setup off of a server running 2003. I wasn't looking to take on such an account but this guy is so pissed at his other IT person he has begged me to give it a shot so he can fire the guy. I hate the fact the guy is going to get fired but he has done some pretty shadey stuff. Anyways, being in a very rural area, I am the only other option and while I am comfortable working on Server 2003 I know I have much more to learn about it. Can anyone suggest some good reading that will help me get caught up to speed for this guy? I am SWE Major and am just fixing computers on the side for extra cash, now I need to learn how to be a Network Security Guy. :)

what exactly are you trying to do on the server? google.com is the best way to find information. Windows server specific stuff can be found on petri.co.il (a great site for howtos)

and if you have particular questions, just ask here, after you try to google for an answer of course

I am not trying to do anything yet. They were just asking me if I think I could handle taking it over. I know how to find answers to problems on the internet though, I was just hoping to find some material that might help speed up the proccess once I problem occcurs.

no, the best and fastest way to learn is by solving real problems

Agreed, but it never hurts to read of already solved problems.