I'm sure that Microsoft in their infinite wisdom had a reason for making my computer beep when I move the Volume Slider in the full window that you get by double-clicking on the volume icon in the lower right.

It's annoying.

I usually have WAVE at 100 percent so anytime I move the VOLUME slider and stop at my choice, I get the loudest most annoying beep. This isn't to be confused with the single slider that you get by single-clicking on the volume icon at the bottom right of the desktop.

Does anyone know how to make XP Pro shut up and stop the annoying beep?

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Sorry, its a standard feature and is not customizable. You can stop the noise by going to Sounds from the Control Panel and looking at Exclamation, Default Beep, Critical Stop and find out which one has the beep that you don't like and remove it.

Note: this will also take away the sound for the type of prompt associated with it. And another drawback is that your actual PC may beep from its internal speaker.

Alternatively - You can purchase a Multimedia keyboard that has volume controls on it.


I should have added, that I have chose no sounds as my sound scheme. No sounds should mean exactly that, NO SOUNDS.

Why do I have to hear just this ONE sound?

Added: I also have a multimedia keyboard but I have it attached via usb to my laptop which has touch sensitive buttons along the top and the multimedia keyboard has never usurped the power from the one on the keyboard.

That's another question I'm afraid.

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