I hope I`m right here with my question but if not sorry, anyway here it is:

The company that I'm working for, small one no IT department, want to buy an encryption software (we found on Google CompuSec, DiskProtect, DriveCrypt Plus Pack...) to fully encrypt the OS partition and also the other partitions. We also hope for a customer support from the selling company of the software. I would like to know if someone here has any idea about this softwares? What would be better? We are running on Win XP Professional OS.

Any help is appreciated!

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If you are runnig windows on all pc i suggest you use the Windows Encryption. ( much easier to use) and less like to cause problems. However, here is a good program you can try Private Disk


I wish to thank you for your quick reply, we downloaded your suggestions and will try them both on different PC`s to see which one fit better our needs. If we face any kind of problem or trouble I`ll contact you again for advice :)

Best wishes to all!

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