Ok sfc /scannow is finished
so now just see if its all better?

I do hope it is. If you get strange shutdowns with absolutely no warning then it can be temperature related as I said before.... Cripes, Calgary?... just open the window.. :) How's the snow up at Banff? I was there last season...
Good luck. Lessee, no worm traces left, no viruses, good, clean sys files.. should work. Unless.....

haha yeah its been a warm winter actually a few cold weeks but not the norm. Banff is about the same as usual though good snow up in the mountains.

My computer is running a lot better now and i see no problems like before.
Thanx for all the help

Ah, good to hear it's working so far. I may get back to Banff another year, dunno, been twice, it's a looong way and there are lotsa other places to try out in the world too.
Cheers, imperious. Tap that solved button if you are satisfied.

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