Hi all. Not sure this belongs in this forum but I'm new to the forum and couldn't figure out if this was right or not. I have a problem with Windows Media Player 11 playing MPEG-1 files too fast. The audio and video both play too fast. Other programs appear to be able to handle these files ok. I have reloaded my video drivers and have reloaded Cyberlink PowerdDVD thinking that WMP got it's codecs from one of these. It was working fine the other day and now it isn't. This is a fairly complex machine with tons of multimedia stuff on it for creating DVD's, editing video stuff, converting video files to different formats, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Don't know if I should reinstall WMP or something else.


Thanks ................ Rob

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hey there

I'm glad you actually mentioned reinstalling WMP11 cos I was just about to say so-well indeed I did.It might just be that between the time the player worked and now that I file within WMP11 got corrupted.

Furthermore check to see if the configuration is right and that the mpeg files is indeed mpeg(this you can do before you reinstall)

Pending reply.have a gr8 day-cheers

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