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This is quite an interesting problem that I am having at the moment. My sister's computer is having some problems. Whenever I go to start the machine it tells me that something has gone wrong with windows and gives me options of which mode to start in (safe, safe with command, safe with networking and normal). If I go to any of them with the exception to normal I get returned to the same screen. When I select normal I get the blue screen of death.

To compound the matter, I placed my sisters drive in my computer (with my fingers crossed) and there was no problem with it when I started it normally. Encouraged by this I replaced the drive in my sisters computer only to be confronted by the blue screen of death with an error message that refers to a problem with "atapi.sys", any ideas?


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with the winxp cd in the drive and the drive set to first boot [in the bios] go to the recovery console and hit R for repair ,and at the prompt run "chkdsk /r " with out the quotes ,and there is a space between , /and R .
mostlikely cause is a driver conflict .could also be a ram problem


Thank you. It turned out the one of the RAM chips is playing up and have taken it out, the remaining chip is doing just fine... gotta love duo core. Are there any concerns that I should have by not using both chips?


Are there any concerns that I should have by not using both chips?

i cant answer that for sure as i am old school still and haven't used or even taken a dual core system apart yet .a quick google search i did ,says ,not necessary to have 2 ,but you would be better with 2 .

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