ordered and Received delivery of brand new PC from one of the UK s big companies

even before they despatched it the Advanced System Error Log

has message

"The machine wide default Launch and activation security descriptor is invalid.The requested action was therefore not performed.
This security permission can be corrected using the component services administrative tool "

without loading any software or connecting to the internet etc the PC's error log shows this message over and over again

Immediately Returned/ rejected the PC together with pages of this error message printed off because their tech team said its indicative of HD failure .......however 6 weeks later they are trying to claim theres nothing wrong and its a software problem !!!!!!!

Since the only software on the PC is what they loaded in the factory their excuses are beyond belief

I have no faith in the Company and as its with a credit company i want the order cancelled

Can someone tell me what the error message means please

My other PC with XP has no error logs so why should i get this on a new PC ?

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Seriously, you overreacted.

I don't mean to be rude, but did you even try a Google search with that error?


This could have been caused by an installation of Office, or any number of things. It's not indicitive of hardware failure, or anything, and it is most likely due to software. Honestly, it was an error you could have ignored.

Was that error log keeping you from doing something on your system? If you don't really know what the error message means, don't do anything so premature as returning a perfectly functioning system without researching the error message and putting it into the correct context.

Since the Manufacturer refused to accept the message even existed and their tehnicians did not know what it meant how am i supposed to

The PC had already been returned wi8th 3 error messages plus a dodgy HD

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