Please help... I really don't know what I am doing but I think I might have a virus. Last night I was on the internet and Bugs started eating on my screen (not real bugs, fake bugs) then it said I had spyware on my computer. I ran my ad-ware program, it said I had 201 infections found I deleted those but when I restart my computer the little bugs still pop up and it says I still have a spyware on my computer and it asks me to download some programs (I don't do it ) I went to start>run> msconfig and on my start up I have CTFMONA. I know that is not suppose to be there but I want it off my computer I know that I can uncheck the box and It will keep it from running when I start the computer but I want it deleted, how do I do that? also on the startup I have these listed as running CSSRSS MSMSGS and IZXGK what are those do they need to be deleted to? I hope this makes sense. Usually when my computer starts acting crazy I just do a full system restore, but I can't do that anymore because I can't find all of my disc that I need. PLease help!!

ok, calm down, this is NOT a real virus

its easy

i got this after downloading a program

all it does is change your background and your screensaver, it also locks your taskmanager, so google unblock task manager, then change your screensaver and your background, after that it should be ok, your antivirus should have gotten rid of the actual thing

and btw

is you download something that looks legit, and you click it and an error comes up


scan immediately, that is how many viruses get in, they throuw out random errors immediately and then sometimes shut down your system, this is overlooked by many people who just think its bugged (no pun intended) and they ignore it

but, i had one that said dll cannot be found (trojan)

one that was error accessing memory at xxxxx (not always a virus, but this one was a BAD worm)

i tinkered once with a virus generator, and it was kinda neat, though it was cruel at what it could do, that is how i found this out!

thank you!

oh and, try to organize, its all one big paragraph, i know you were scared (lol) or nervouse, but that is one of the biggest assets with computers, to be patient


c ya

Thanks so much for the quick response

I figured out last night that it was a screen saver, I changed it but when I restart my computer it changes back to the freaky bug thing.

my taskmanger isn't locked

How do I get CTFMONA.exe off of my computer, I googled it and it said it could be a virus, worm, or something

Also when I get on the internet I always a ALOT of popups, my popup blocker is on, so I don't know why I am still getting them. This started happening a couple of weeks ago, when my husband decided to download Limeware, I told him not to do it but he didn't listen.