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I am wondering if someone could help me. I have two daughters ( 14yrs and 12yrs ) that are coming to visit me in June and I want them to be able to use the internet while they are here, but I do not want them to have access to unlimited internet. I do not want them to go to certin sites (myspace, facebook , exc ) but I do not know how to restrict them from these sites and others that maybe harmfull to them. If you have any idea's please let me know. As they will not listen to me, and they are smart to delete the history when they are done.

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The simplest way is to edit the host file.
First thing make a list of the sites you want to block. Though you can go back and reedit this file at any time you want, it's always easy to do everything the first time.

The host file you will be needing to edit can be found at this location.


the file name is "hosts"
Open it with Notepad

Now it will have instructions, and it's really quite simple.

Go to the bottom of the page/list
(if you have used spybot S&D previously there may be entries inserted already for specific spyware sites so that you aren't able to view them.)

TYPE on the left
PRESS the "TAB" key
TYPE the website you do not want viewed
PRESS "Enter"

Repeat process until you have entered all the sites you want blocked.
Save and Close the file

This will bring up a simple error page anytime that site is attempted to be accessed. And at anytime you can add more sites or remove the sites you have requested to be blocked.

*On a side note.
I did notice one thing. I am monitoring a school network and when I used this method I found it better to enter the website in 2 different formats because sometimes it wouldn't block a couple properly. Facebook especially.

So when entering the Website do not just enter myspace.com.

TYPE http://myspace.com

so your page would look like this <TAB> http://myspace.com <TAB> www.myspace.com

Hope this helps.

*Actually if you would like I have a host file that has been edited
but it has many online game sites blocked as well.
but you can use the list to make it simpler on you rather than having
to type everything yourself. You should be able to copy and paste
the information below.* a.tribalfusion.com myspace.com www.myspace.com http://myspace.com facebook.com www.facebook.com http://facebook.com king.com www.king.com http://king.com runescape.com http://runescape.com www.runescape.com games.com www.games.com http://www.games.com addictinggames.com www.addictinggames.com http://www.addictinggames.com www.freeaddictinggames.com http://www.freeaddictinggames.com freeaddictinggames.com games.yahoo.com miniclip.com www.miniclip.com http://miniclip.com games.aol.com net-games.biz www.netgames.biz http://net-games.biz games.msn.com dmoz.org/Games www.dmoz.org/games http://dmoz.org/games cartoondollemporium.com www.cartoondollemporium.com http://cartoondollemporium.com kids.yahoo.com/games games.slashdot.org ferryhalim.com/orisinal http://ferryhalim.com/orisinal www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal marapets.com/arcade.php http://marapets.com/arcade.php www.marapets.com/arcade.php pbskids.org/games www.pbskids.org/games http://pbskids.org/games videogames.yahoo.com download.com/Games www.download.com/Games http://download.com/Games flashgames247.com www.flashgames247.com http://flashgames247.com flash-game.net www.flash-game.net http://flash-game.net newgrounds.com/game www.newgrounds.com/game http://newgrounds.com/game www.gameprison.com game.com net-games.biz gameprison.com http://gameprison.com video.google.com youtube.com http://youtube.com www.youtube.com http://video.google.com www.video.google.com mail.live.com www.live.com http://live.com www.onlinegames.net onlinegames.net http://onlinegames.net www.freeonlinegames.com freeonlinegames.com http://freeonlinegames.com www.online-games-zone.com online-games-zone.com http://www.online-games-zone.com www.gamenode.com gamenode.com http://www.gamenode.com www.arcadetemple.com arcadetemple.com http://www.arcadetemple.com www.onlineflashgames.org onlineflashgames.org http://www.onlineflashgames.org bubblebox.com www.bubblebox.com http://bubblebox.com www.livejournal.com livejournal.com http://www.livejournal.com myyearbook.com www.myyearbook.com http://www.myyearbook.com coolquiz.com www.coolquiz.com http://www.coolquiz.com www.coolquizes.com coolquizes.com http://www.coolquizes.com helpself.com www.helpself.com http://helpself.com bored.com www.bored.com http://www.bored.com funquizcards.com www.funquizcards.com http://www.funquizcards.com seventeen.com www.seventeen.com http://www.seventeen.com tickle.com www.tickle.com http://www.tickle.com games.msn.com www.games.msn.com http://games.msn.com ezone.com www.ezone.com http://ezone.com zone.msn.com www.zone.msn.com http://zone.msn.com

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