I run win xp and I keep getting the message that my virtual memory is low, could someone please tell me how to remedy this, thank you. Let me know if you need more info.

Make rooom on your hard drive
Run less stuff
Increase pagefile Size
Install more physical memory

Thank you for the response! How do I change page file size because my hd is at like 123gb free space so this is ok and I know I need memory since I only have 256 mb and I have not been able to find any locally to buy so have to order that and I do not run all that much at once, it most times happens when I am doing web searching and viewing web pages.

I think changing the Paging file size would not do much good to your system unless you have additional RAM as 256mb is quite less even if you just want to browse net.

Paging file size can be changed by right clicking on my computer>advanced>performance options.
Still buy new RAM and you should not have problems with it anymore.