I have been using a MacBook Pro for three years but have two Windows desk tops brought in from the Garage that will not load Windows.

Windows XP - I could not remember my pass word so I tried to go back to before I added a password. Finally I ran Restore. Now it says the Name was changed when I updated ane the new name included an _ . It will not start until I can change the name to the old name ??

Windows 95 will not load - It says Invalid VxD dynamic link call to device number 3, service B.
Your windows configuration is invalid. Run the windows ser up program again to fix the problem.

Two windows machinesw with stuff I need. Please Help

i think you can use any bootable Dos Disk to start your machine and save your files by copy them to any place, then install new windows , Also i have to advice you to UPGRADE your machines and operating system.
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