Hmmm...seems like I've been here before....I need new memory. :sad:

I crash to nothing and my pc starts to reboot.
When the Windows loading screen comes on ... my pc shuts off and the
message "Power saving enable. The monitor will shut down in a few seconds"
comes on...and I'm back at the beginning again. I know there is a setting to change that...once I'm in windows...but that's my problem.
How do I get in???? :?:

I took off sp2 2 days ago....maybe that was a mistake (I was told that was crashing BF1942 DC Final). I then crashed 1 time and the second time I rebooted, I got in...a miracle? but ididn't think to change that option...eeek to get past this issue...I will put sp2 back on...and change the power option...once I get in...

I'm not too techie... so simple..and slow answers please.



Did you get any answer for thsi one..Even My computer has the same problem.

Really appreciate your help..

I happened to need a new hard drive, however, I'm not sure that was my only problem since I needed to reinstall xp... and all works well now.

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