Morning all! :)

I was wondering if someone could shed some light on a problem that I have encountered whilst setting up a shared calendar in Outlook 2003 ... I have done the usual Google searches, but to no avail!

A member of staff would like to share her calendar with every other member of staff in our organisation and restrict access so that other users can only view the data. So I have shared her calendar and made the 'default' profile a 'reviewer' ... However if I try accessing the calendar as someone else I can still modify, create and delete entries in her calendar!

I have also tried setting the 'default' profile to 'none' and adding staff names to the list, giving them 'reviewer' rights. Again, if I log on as someone in the list, I have full access! The permissions list still says 'reviewer' ... What am I doing wrong? lol :P

I'm not too hot when it comes to Outlook/Exchange - I'm learning as I go - So any information is much appreciated! We're using Outlook 2003 (Office Pro) on XP Pro based machines with Exchange 2003.


Cheers! :)