I recently replaced an old, broken fan in my computer with a new one. The problem is that every time I start up my computer, I get a black screen with "previous fan failure." press F1 to continue and F2 to the Setup. I don't know what to configure so I always press F1.
Another problem that I've noticed is that when I tap/hold F8 to boot into safe mode, the usual "selection" screen doesn't appear. (Where you select safe mode, safe mode with networking, normal, ect....) Instead a black screen with a some other text comes up. I think its the manufacturers of the computer or something along those lines. Then below it, it says press F1 to continue, F2 for setup.
Note: Previously, F8 did work to enter safe mode.

Also, I just fixed my Help and Support problem, but it's really only half fixed. When I click on Help and Support nothing happens. I checked my task bar and processes but there's no activity. I turned on the Help and Support in the servies.msc. Any advice?


try f2 for setup and just go into it,don't change anything just save settings on exit ,see what happens .
for the missing help try this might help might not ,go to start/run, type in sfc /scannow ,note there is a space between the "C and / . you will be asked for the winxp cd to replace any missing system files , sfc =system file checker