hi friends,

thanks for ur continuous support to this community.

i am varma, a new user to this community.

i am in need of urgent help..!

recently i got an error on my desktop that my system is in grave danger of spyware and i must purchase "windows anti virus" to remove and protect my system. i am using windows server 2003 OS.

so i purchased WAV2008 and run it. but when the scan completed, window automatically applied "active desktop recovery" and it is continuously shuffling between active and recovery desktops..
and also various media players are continuously popping up without activating them..

after a few minutes, system hangs up.. not even shut down is working.. i need to force shutdown everytime..

this is causing serious problems to me..

Please help me in this regard as i could not able to work on my system..

suggest me what i need to do to come out of this problem..!!

my email i d is varmarn@gmail.com

thanks in advance..

.. Varma R N