I'm working in a fairly small office of about 25 - 30 workstations and I've been slowly setting up the managers with remote desktop access so they can logon to their office machines from home over Cisco VPN software. This has gone rather smoothly until I realized one of the managers machines is a Windows 2000 Professional box that he would like to access from his home machine, which is XP. Now, I'm kind of confused because from what I've read, I can install terminal services on the 2000 machine and have this work but I can't figure out where and how to find it in 2000 pro.

Also, do I need to purchase a CAL for this setup to actually work? How difficult is it to configure terminal services to work with remote desktop?


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It doesn't work on 2000 Pro. If you read that it works on 2000, then what you read failed to mention that it requires 2000 Server. Remote Desktop is a form of terminal services that only allows remote access to the "console session." You are going to have to change the OS in order to use it.

Use VNC: http://realvnc.com/ It works on Windows 2000 and you can set it to use the same listening port as RDP to appease your firewall rules.

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