Somebody keeps jumping on my wireless connection. I have a mac filter on now. but before i had it on, 3 or 4 times they've bummed off of me Im sharing files and everything with the network computers. I have thier MAC adress and they're computer name. I also think I havee thier IP how can I send this persona message telling them to stay off my network. Anything will help


The MAC filter should do the trick. However, read this:

It doesn't sound like the person using your Internet connection is "cracking it" as the article explains. However, I would implement the suggested tips at the end of the article just to be safe.

As for sending them a message, you could use "net send". However the windows messenger must be running in order to receive messages.

Start | Run | Type "cmd" w/out quotes | click enter |Type the following command.

net send [computer name] ["message"]

You can send yourself a message to see what it looks like.


I am having problems using the correct syntax. let's say his computer name is


does he have to be on MY network for him to get it or do i need his network name or what if its just a scavenger (no home network)

how should the command look

He must be on your network.