I know I complain a lot but I have another problem.

When I used to have Windows 98 I installed my new ProPad 6 gamepad by Interact (yeah I know its cheap, but it was a bargian gamepad). It worked just fine.

The gamepads documentation only mentions it to be installed on W95/98 but says nothing about W2k or XP (the newer OSs). The drivers for this pad haven't been updated since 1999.

The controller works (sort of) but the keys keep automaticly firing when I don't want them to. I've tried calibrating the pad but the d-pad keeps going all over the place. I can't seem to find the proper controller for the pad under gaming options.

Whenever I recently install the drivers from the disk (using W2K) I get a message saying install program cannot select propad 6 automatically. Please select manually.

It worked just fine on 98.
I heard somewere it works on XP, didn't hear anything about 2K though...

Can anybody help? Thanks.

by the way, it turns out there isn't much of a problem except that it has the pedal and rudder buttons always firing. I've installed the pad manually and the calibration process is fine, but it has pedal and rudder options -- something that the pad doesn't have or need. Is there a way to selelct 6-button controller from gaming options without the pedal/rudder options? i've tried no selecting the pedal/rudding option, but it still shows up. Please help.

Okay nevermind. I just fixed the problem by buying another pad for $16.23. It's better becuase it has analog, rumble, and the such. Thanks anyways.