I am new to DANIWEB. I am desperate because I bought a laptop on the internet a year plus ago and it locks up/freezes up/cpu loop/ or whatever the lingo translates to. I retired from IBM after 35 1/2 years and have 8 software patents in the mainframe world. I have a problem with this PC locking up at least once a day. When it does, the cursor doesn't move and the windows task manager doesn't get any cycles to help identify the problem. I have run SPYBOT, AD-AWARE, and others but can't find the problem ( I payed for Registry Fix ). I have deleted all the temp files (even rebooted into safe mode) and still lock up about once a day. I haven't read the 2500+ appends here but hope somebody can help. I close everything and play spider solataire in the evenings and it fails with only 20+ processes runnings.

Please help..

Do you mean you can't do anything, including task manager, when this happens or that the cursor freezes and task manager says nothing is going?

It could be a bad hard-drive, they can be pretty vulnerable on laptops, but I need a little more info to narrow it down.

Yes. Cursor and everything is frozen for 25-30 seconds, then 1-2 seconds ok before back to freeze. Windows task manager and everything else I have tried can't track the cpu or the problem. Except for the 1-2 second intervals, there is nothing that I can do except power off.

That's very strange, I'd use teh task-mangers performance tab to monitor what's actually happening during the freezes. Leave it open and minimized (it will keep a chart of your resource utalization) and click to it after the system freezes. If something is maxing out a resource during the freeze you know it's an issue with a program, if it's idling low during freeze you know it's something else.

Windows task manager hasn't helped me so I installed freeware GLINT.EXE which is a neat program showing cpu and all kinds of things including what is running. I also installed What's Running. Nothing has helped because whatever is looping is below the external processes. The WTM doesn't show anything about the problem. Minimizing will only allow maybe a hope during one of the brief intervals if I can move the cursor fast enough.

The performance Of Windows task manager did spike to 100% for a very brief time. I believe the performance meter takes about 5 seconds per verticle line in it. The spike is less than one second even though the hangup is a long time. Amazingly, I did experience a longer interval of thing running.

Thank you OlyComputer. I am dissapointed in the experts. Goodbye.