This really makes no sense to me. My secondary computer is ether netted to this machine but when I attempt to go online (regardless of what browser I use; IE or Firefox get a message that says(Firefox) "can't establish a connection to the server at my.earthlink.net" or with IE "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.
But I am able to sucessfully ping both yahoo and google with these results: four packets sent four packets received and 0 packets lost.
I called the ISP who is baffled as am I since the computer is online. What would produce this kind of problem and how can I resolve it? The IP (penteladata,ptd) gave up.
I don't know if this is the proper forum to use but I am in a quandry.
The problem computer was working fine 48 hours ago but now is simply unable to establish a connection even though it tells me the both the LAN and the Internet cxonnectioin are connected. Please help me and ptd?

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DO you have a 3rd party firewall running like norton or something. Could be a virus doing some dns spoofing try running malware bytes or ccleaner. did a proxy server get setup in the broswer settings? What happens if you go into windows explorer and put google.com in the address bar

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