I have just did a clean install xphome

everything has gone well considering it was my first.
I did all the stuff from the optimize xp linkhttp://mywebpages.comcast.net/SupportCD/OptimizeXP.html#Tweaks

I am trying to do a few things and getting nowhere, get to the point right.
trying to load the drivers from creative I get a message when it tries to locate what ones I need"
active x did not install/ ccheck for administrator rights or something like that.
I have tried all the stuff I have read about this. What am I missing.
2nd problem just to throw in is my diabloIIwont start and freezes when I try any patches
None of these problems ever happened before I did the clean install. Am I not installing everything? or have I "over tweaked to soon"?? i dont even no if that is possable

Dell dimension, XP2000home NVIDIA, Creative

installed so far (besides the OS/ drivers/ works/dell resource cds)
spybot s/d
AVG 7.1
style xp
spyware blaster
cacheman/ recover memory now
pc wizard
cc cleaner
xp antispy
and all the tweaks suggested by the optimize xp site.

Man you have about 4 antispyware programs there. I'd say stick to one only. The one you like the most. Then for the sound blaster are you trying to install it with the cd that Dell sent you?

If you have troubles you can download the drivers from their website:

Put in there your service tag and it will find aproximately the drivers you need.

For the nvidia video drivers go here:

Those drivers should be good for your computer.

I installed the sounblaster from the soundblaster cd dell gave with the computer. I was using creativ's auto update but it won't check my system because of active x issues which i dont have a clue about

already got the NVIDIA,
Dident even think of dell helping me out I just went right to creative's site

Too many antispy? I liked Avast which I was using right before the OS problem. I thought I would try the ones I see so many of you recommending here.

by the way, thanks for the reply, I had no idea I might have too much antispy or any other stuff. Eveyones opion is much appreciated, I love this site.