So I started my computer this morning and I was playing a game and it froze. No big deal, I press the restart button after trying to fix the freeze. Unfortuanatly the button got jammed, so the computer continuously tried to restart itself. I knew this couldn't be good and just shut the computer down. So I took apart everything and got the front plate off and put the button back in where it was supposed to be. Now I turn back on the computer and I get a BSOD. Well, then I switch to my other OS HDD, its a backup I have, and it all worked fine, so then I knew it was the other HDD and nothing something wrong with the computer. So I go back to the my other HDD and try to get it work, I go into safe mode and it starts. I then click the system restore from 3 am, and it goes to restart itself. I'm thinking everything will be fine now. So the computer restarts, and this is when things start getting even worse. It gets to the login screen and after a few minutes just shuts down automatically. Now no matter what I do, or what HDD I use, the computer shuts down about 30 seconds after turning on. Some times it will stay one for 10 seconds, sometimes it stays on for a minutes. Never enough time to get past the loading screen. And when I go to start in safe mode now it just gets stuck at a black screen. I have no idea what is wrong or what to do. Please help.

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You might try removing the battery from your MOBO, say at least a few minutes (and of coarse while everything is powered down), and then replace it. Other than that, the only thing I can think of is maybe resetting your power supply (if you have a tiny reset button on it). Other than that, I am not sure, since it is happening with both harddrives now. Let me know what you come up with!


Cmos reset is a good suggestion there. Im keen to know what did the BSOD read sounds technical

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