I get the following error when I type make in the command line of windows:

'make' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

How do I do this in windows?


You gotta give it credit.. the OS knows what it knows. Windows doesn't know the "make" command. Try a Linux, or Apple box.
In cmd window, enter
help -for a list of commands, and for help on a specific command enter
help "the command" eg help md
Actually, i don't know if Apple knows it, either.
For a more complete listing of commands available to Windows than given in the cmd window as shown above, type or paste this line into the Run box:
%windir%\hh.exe ms-its:%windir%\Help\ntcmds.chm::/ntcmds.htm

I sincerely hope this is a joke

I think what he meant is that windows would give the error as the command is not recognised by it which means either you would have to try finding another command instead of that or MS doin some changes for windows to recognise that "Make" command.

Its like posting a message here that my(imaginary) dog does not understand english(they actually do!!! ;-p) and wanting some suggestions to get around that. m sure people would think that i am joking, wont you.


There is no make command in Windows. Each operating system has its own set of keywords. And UNIX has the strangest set of keywords I ever encountered.

From what I have been able to discern from Google, the make command is a programming tool that puts program parts together for UNIX to use it. In Windows, each programming language has its own interface to the user, so you would find something like this as a button on the toolbar of the programmer's user interface window for the language you are using. I would suggest "compile" or some similar word.

why do you say that ??

because trying to run a command in windows which obviously belongs in another OS is as close to a joke as it gets.

would you be surprised if I tried to compile code written in Turbo Pascal using a C compiler?