I keep getting this annoying pop up box appear whenever am browsing the web.. its only been happening since i installed the software for my sony ericson phone.. it pops up and wont load any web pages until you click cancel... it defaults to o2 mobile web 3G. I am already connected to the internet via wifi so cant understand why this keeps popping up. ive uninstalled the software but it has made no difference.

also i noticed a while ago that i have lost the windows xp standard theme from my display properties.. its not a major problem its just annoying that i have to accept the boring grey windows standard themee - under the appearance tab of the display properties window you can only choose windows classic style and not windows XP.

any help would be much appreciated.



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Go to the Control Panel. Open Internet Options and on the Connections tab, select Never Dial a connection.

I'm not sure what's up with your Display properties; Maybe try reinstalling the video driver on your system.

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