Hello guys, I have a question about connecting to my sons computer. He's in his teens and I want to monitor what he is downloading and getting into on there without him knowing it. He spends too much time on there so I am a bit concerned.

So my question is.. do you know what would be a good program (With the most features) I can use to get access to his computer without something sitting in his task bar or somewhere like in his program files where he would notice it. He's not dumb when is comes to modern day technology. Also I would like it to be a startup deal so that after he does a restart I can still monitor what is going on. Everyone in the family has McAfee Anti-Virus, SpyBot S&D, and Uniblue SpyEraser running on our machines so I would like this program not to be picked up by them.

If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated! I just need to know what part I put on my wife and I's computer and what I put on his. Thank you all so much!


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Hello, Colin... naturally enough, there is lots of software out there that will do just what you want. It's where our society is at. Mostly, though, it is not freeware because it is more levelled at businesses. But you know, I'd just rather you involved him more in other parts of life..... wander in and say let's do stuff... there's a whole world out there. PC games can be fun, and very involving... yep, and you know, he might actuallly be interested in researching worthwhile stuff. But as for aimless "web surfing", well, to me that indicates a temporary deadend in life. Just go in and chat.


The best I know is UltraVNC. Just install it and configure it to not show a toolbar icon.

P.S. Install it in a directory like 3bdb534563646 so it cant be spotted


Sorry that I double post but I got another idea.

After Installing mark the folder as hidden



This is what I used, worked great. Kids never knew it was there. It gave me more information than I knew what to do with. Takes some getting used to reading the reports, but I had it email me in real time what they were doing.

Disclaimer: I do not work for them, I just loved the product and what it could do for me.

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