hello people

how is everyone i have a slight problem with my command box when i open it it has no scroll bar so say wen i do a comand like i dnt know netstat wen d numbers scroll past they dispaear cus i cnt scroll up how do i sort this out could you please help thankyoi

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Try right clicking the cmd window's title bar and choosing 'Defaults' and see if that puts the scroller back in

i have tried that with non look thanks

This may be a bit late but it does not seem like anyone else has a clue on this and i have just managed to fix this exact problem about 2 minutes ago.

The reason you have no scroll bar is because your screen buffer is the same size as your screen display in DOS.

Open your dos window and right click the taskbar icon of your CMD window and choose DEFAULTS.

Now choose LAYOUTS and change your SCREEN BUFFER size to WIDTH 80


Leave the WINDOW SIZE at default.

Now whenever you try to produce output larger than your dos window you will have scroll bars available to view the text that has scrolled across the screen.

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