I am unable to open files from my old Windows home XP since recently purchasing a new computer with Windows Visa!
On clicking on a file which I have on my Disc,this notice appears on screen:
Microsoft Works 2004 setup
There are other users logged on to this computer
if you install or remove a program or change a program's installation while another user is running it,there may be problems with the installation.
To properly install or change or remaove a programme,click cancel then switch to and log off each user then run set up programme.
end quote.
(1) I am the only user on the computer
(2) on inserting the microsoft workd 2004 setup disc,it will not run

has any of the members had similar problems to mine and how can I open up my excel files

'Old Bert'

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Reboot the machine. Go to users under Control Panel and make sure there are no other users set up on this machine, even Guest or Administrator.

Once you've done that, try to open Microsoft Works from the Program Files under Start Menu. Works is already there on a Vista machine. You will not be able to open Microsoft Office unless you pay for it but on my Vista machine it was included. Once you get Works running, then try to open the file on your disk. Since your file is from an older machine, it's looking for another version of Works to open it but this new version of Works SHOULD be backwards compatible. Don't quote me!!


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