Hello guys,
I have my laptop that came with Vista Home premium. Today I tried to install Solaris 10 but it failed. I tried to boot my Vista it failed also. Then I used Gparted to remove Solaris partition by deleting it; That made my laptop unbootable with error "No Active partition".

Since I was fool enough NOT to backup my system, I don't know what to do! I have googled alot but All I get is commercial softwares and Cannot buy (No credit card). How can I do it? I want to recover my Programs I got from GAOTD. Help please!!


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A few questions:
1. Do you have a Vista DVD or a Restore disc or even a hidden partition with vista on it?
2. Have you got a Linux Live CD to boot from and do a backup of the HD to an external device eg USB HD, DVD etc?
3. You can make a disc active using a DOS disk and a tool such as FDISK or Ranish Partition Manager (free btw)!


If you simply want to recover your files, you can use a program called BartPE. In order to build your BartPE bootable CD, you will need access to a Windows Vista machine.


Once you have created your BartPE bootable CD, you can then boot using that disc and you will be in a "windows like shell" where you can copy files to a network location or USB Drive.

Once your data is secure, you can wipe it out and start over. If you don't have the original install disks for your OS, you will need those. You will also need your original install disks for your programs, or download them again from the web.

Once you are all done and you have learned your lesson about always backing up =(^_^)= I recommend a program called CloneZilla to make an image of your desktop just before you make life altering changes.


All software I spoke about is Open Source and free of charge, so you should not need any credit cards.


Thanks all dears,
It is too late and I did factory reset. I have done some photo recovery and some data are gone.

Good lesson by the way though in hard way bu I accept it. Thanks everyone for you help. I should backup everything now before I tamper with my beautiful laptop

God blesss you aaaaaaaaall


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