I'm relatively new to Vista, so I'm still trying to figure out all the little kinks.

I run a little computer lab at a new dorm and wish to setup shared printer on one of the Vista machines until I can get a server up and running. How do I add a shared printer to a Guest account on another system? Admin accounts can view all the network and printers, but Guest is blocked from accessing other systems and does not have the same printer list as the Admin account.

Is there an option somewhere to allow network access to the Guest account?

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You first need to get the Vista printer driver for the network printer (I'm assuming this computer is NOT Vista) loaded onto the Vista machine and THEN connect the printer directly to your Vista machine and get it working. Then connect the printer as it was originally and try to add a printer. When it asks for a Local or Network, choose Local (against instinct) and when it asks for printer, enter \\ComputerName\PrinterName (best to ascertain this before starting the procedure.) This should overrider the system security and install your printer properly.


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