external hard disk as operating system
is thr any process thru which i can install windows XP in my external 80 gb usb hard disk,,
i want to use my hard disk as my personal computer ....
on any external machine........
do help me...........

Go to your bios set-up (tap del after first beep at start-up, or what your machine asks for on first flash screen) go down to the third entry (I think it is called "Advanced set-up") and in there change your first boot devise to usb drive. Your second to CD. Re-boot your PC with the XP CD in your drive and follow prompts to install. If you have installed that copy of XP before on another drive, you will probably be asked to register and you may not be able to. You may have to buy a new copy of XP. (I am not sure on the registration of a used, re-installed XP!!)

You wont be able to boot from you're external from all the machines using you're external as the Boot up disk. However you will be able to access you're files from that resides on the external. If you prefer using you're external as the bootup on you're machine than you can follow the previous posters advice.

Cheers and good luck