Hi, I have recently returned to my student flat to find that my desktop PC does not work on the wireless we have. All my other flat m8s can get internet fine where as mine it some times says it is connected but i cant get internet and some times it says that i have limited or no con. When i hit repair is says that it can't re-new the IP. I have tried re-setting the modem, router etc. checked all IP are to allow all etc. I have tried hard-wire and wireless to the router, both say the same thing.

I am running out of ideas and it is worse as i knew it worked fine last year.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Tom Hilton

if you have xp, go to the network connections under control panel. Right click your wireless network controller and click properties. Under the General tab (network tab in vista) scroll down through the ``this connection uses the following items:`` box and double click the internet protocol (TCP/IP). make sure the obtain ip address automatically is selected. if not select it. if it is already then make sure you firewall is set correctly.

also please go to the command screen, i.e,. Start/Run/cmd>return and enter:

ipconfig /all and post the result here.