Hey all,

Right before I start my studies again, my laptop crashed. I am not exactly sure what the problem is, I was hoping if someone can give some feedback.

My laptop was fine when I shut it down (possibly ruling out a hardware problem). It occurred when I booted the laptop up. The problem is that the screen is at 640 x 480 and had the lowest colour settings (I have an Asus F3Sv laptop, 1 year old). I tried to change the resolution, and when I do it seems that it accepts it but it doesnt change. I looked in device manager and there is a code 43 error on the graphics card. WHen i run a dxdiag, it doesnt pick up the card either. So I downloaded and installed the latest driver and rebooted and the problem is still there.

Has anyone come across this problem or could lend a hand to what it may be? I am thinking now that either its one major virus (I ran an online and local virus scan and found nothing) or the graphics card is faulty. Also does anyone know of any software that I can use to boot up into that can possibly test the graphics card to see if the hardware side of things is ok?

Thanks in advanced

Usually mainstream PC manufacturers ship a bootable diagnostic cd with the system. If you don't have one you should be able to get it from their website.