alright i looked around for awhile and nothing helped me. my computer doesnt boot it turns on lights fans everything but it wont boot keyboard is haulted they flash on once and thats it nothing else works no screen or anything, its a navigator custom built i donno whats wrong i unplugged all of the cards and hd and took out all the ram tried the technique of putting them in one by one but didnt make a difference. i also took out the lil battery and left it out for 15 mins people said it would reset something and make it work again but no luck. any ideas how to fix this it would be a great help. thanks

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Hello,it could be the power supply going bad ,and bad psu can give power but just not enough to fully boot the beast !


have u tried booting from a cd or a memory key by changing the bios settings to avoid the HD. I once had a similiar prob with a dud (but appartently working HD) and using anothr boot method traced the prob. You might even try a linux boot disk if you can find one...
best of luck

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