I have recognized that recently my computer became unstable. This occured after Auto Update. My External HDD crashed and cannot be shown even in other Laptops and in my Ubuntu. This causes worries for my 70GB data in that disk. I have tried System restore but nope! nothing works (Sys restore haven't let me down before). Is there any tool to remove Updates. They have been headache instead of help! I will shut them up!

I have also posted this to hardware section but if any: My TOSHIBA external HDD stopped working. It failed to copy data and I had to force restart due to system hang up! I found then it isn't even detected. I tried on my friend Laptop XP no success! It just put on green light and shows that there is USB device (at bottom right corner), but nothing!

I guess someone can help on this!

It's not an issue with your computer if it's not recognizing it on somebody elses system. It has to be a problem with the hard drive itself. The only thing I can really suggest is to remove the drive from it's enclosure and connect it to your computer internally. If the problem is with the adapter in the enclosure this should allow you to access the data. If not it's at least more fault tolerant and will give you a better chance of recovery.

As far as removing updates, if you go to contro panel>add/remove programs there is an option to show windows updates. That will allow you to uninstall pretty much any updates you've added (except windows validation components).

The problem is:
My Laptop SCSI and external HDD - IDE
Just don't know what to do!
I have to do assignment and then will figure out what to do!
Thanks alot

It's probably not actually SCSI, either SATA or ATA6 (ide for laptops). If you have a desktop, put it in that, if you don't find a friend who will let you use theirs.