hello, could anyone help me. I purchased a ACER aspire 5103 about 18 mths ago. I have had problems with it from the word go.
About 4 mths ago the laptop started to shut down, every time I moved it. Then to get the thing going again, I would have to re-set the laptop back to factory settings, then once again it would freeze and conk out only to be re-set once again.
This is what always comes up before the laptop freezes. Phoenix Trustedcore (tm) NBCOPYRIGHT 1985-2005 PHOENIX TECHNOLOGIES LTDAll rights reserved. Systen BIOS Version V2.00Bus:06, Device :02, Function:00ERRORResource conflict - PCI in slot 03Bus:06, Device 04, Function:00ERRORResorce conflict - PCI in slot 03Bus:06, Device:04, Function:-01
ERRORResorce conflict - PCI in slot 03Bus:06, Device:04, Function:-02
ERRORResorce conflict - PCI in slot 03Bus:06, Device:04, Function:-03 press F1 to resume, F2 to set
I used to go through the same process each time, then it failed to start, so I gave it a tap then it would start, be ok, conk out, and now it wont go beyond F1 resume.
I click on F1 it goes onto the next page, but it wont kick in.
Any suggestion? all I know about computers is switching on and off.

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seems to be a loose connection somewhere within. have you tried calling manufacturer?

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