I have conected hard drive from my broken notebook to my new pc. Just want to transfere some folders. Problem : I can not open or copy any folder to my new pc, new hard drive. Folders are locked because i was computers administrator. Please help me somehow

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Did you lock the folders by setting up NTFS access permission? If so, try the following:

Right click the file/folder and click Properties. Click the Security tab and click Advanced. Click the Owner tab. Under "Change owner to", click Administrators (or whichever user/group you want to give ownership to). Now check the box labelled "Replace owner on all subcontainers and objects." and click OK twice to exit the file properties. Now, right click the file/folder > Properties > Security tab > Advanced. Now, under the permissions tab, click the button labelled "Add". In the box that pops up, type the user/group you want to give permissions to and click OK. Now, under the box titled "Permission Entry for [file/folder name], under permissions, give the required permissions (or give full control, depending on your needs).Click Ok thrice to exit the properties. You should now be able to access files.

Above solution is credited to goldeagle2005 in this post:



Can you swop the harddrives and try to boot to the old drive, slaving your new drive?


Why not create an administrator/password on the new pc the same as on the old notebook then log on to the new pc using the "old" administrator information?

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