1.I am about to reformat my system, and have some questions about what files need to be backed up off the C:, running Vista Home Premium...

I have located my emails and have nothing in the docs folder.

can anyone tell me if/where i can find all those windows update files?, so that i wont need to redownload everything again.

Is there anything else that I should be saving b4 wiping my drive?

2.Also 1 other question, where can i find a log/s of internet usage and sites visited(other than the standard history folder). I have in the last couple of weeks noticed rather large data transfer with no apparent reason, I figure either a virus/spam thing or possibly a teenager that knows to delete the ie history....

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You'll want to get your entire profile tree, and any folders that you created elsewhere on the drive. To grab your profile, you'll have to login as a different user with admin rights after a fresh reboot and then you can navigate to c:\users and copy your profile to a backup device. After you reload your pc, create an account with the same name and a second account, both with admin permissions. Log into the 2nd acount after a fresh reboot and copy your original profile over the new one. This will restore your email settings, ie favorites, desktop items, and just about any settings for any other apps.

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