Does anyone know how I can stop this "Pop-up" It happens everytime that I boot-up. The message states "Synaptics enhancements has encoutered a problem etc etc.

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Not quite sure what that is related to. I would post a HijackThis log in the Viruses and Spyware forum just to make sure you don't have anything nasty going on.

Also, could you click the Start menu for me and click on Run. Then, type in "msconfig" and click the Startup tab. Can you attach a screenshot of everything listed there? (everything that is set to run at Windows startup).


Sounds like to me that Synaptics is your touchpad on your laptop. Error reporting can be turned on and off in your control panel. The cookie is harmless, it only works when you are online and all it does is make a report about why the program didn't work correctly. It doesn't send anyone your life history or anything like that. This report goes to a central database where system analysts figure out why this program quit on you. I would say that perhaps if you have the drivers for your touchpad, un-install it and re-install it sans the enhancements and see what happens. Just my 2 cents.

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