hey, i have an interesting problem. theres this hp laptop that im working on, a pavilion dv 4000 , the user was having wierd problems with it. wen you turn it on, u hear repetitive beeping, like wen keys are being held down... it boots.. after the boot screen, then you start seeing the caps lock light turning itself on and off. it doesnt respond sometimes when u click icons...alot of crap. the mother board was replaced and it was still giving the same problem. i disconneted the keyboard...same problem...plugged in a usb key board, still the same thing. managed to get notepad open and characters n,b,&, c, = and a few others keep repeating themselves. i have reason to beleive that the alt and ctrl keys are stuck too...cus certain shortcut combinations are also activating themselves. the tap to click ofr the touchpad sometimes stops working after a while too. i also tried booting an OS that runs in ram..puppy linux....at the boot screen those characters typed themselves in too.
im wondering if its possible that the BIOS was messed around with...because thats the only logical answer i can come up with...besides it needing an exorcism....

did you reinstall window after the new motherboard ,if not do so now !might help

The beeps could be POST codes

yeah i did that....still nothing...

doesnt sound like post to me....n its not producing any errors...rams fine...videos cards okay..and processor is working so i dunno..

sort of sounds like a problem with the keyboard ribboncable connection to the mboard

see the thing is ...i disconneted the keyboard and was booting with a usb one...so i dunno where to trace it to

Is the CD drive attached properly?

i had an old thinkpad that beeped constantly and i didnt know what it was and it was because the drive wasnt properly in th ultrabay

Sounds almost like someone could have spilled something on the keyboard which could cause a host of problems... also could be a virus. You said the problems were happening and then you changed the motherboard? Did you reinstall windows before you replaced the mobo? If it was a virus geared to causing problems with hardware, then the new motherboard was infected as well. Reinstall windows, and THEN change the motherboard... might solve your problem.


A virus cant infect a motherboard?

i recently fixed a Dll that was acting the same keyboard wise ! kid spiled juice on keyboard ,a little go through ,but motherboard was ok ,keyboard acted funny like yours , i disconnected the keybioard and use a usb keyboard that acted the exact same way as the laptop one.i bough new keyboard and installed it and problem is fixed ,i was surprised that the usb keyboard acted funny to, doing the same things as the bad keyboard

A virus programmed to can, it can mess with your bios and cmos, and cause all sorts of hardware issues. Haven't you ever heard of the virus that infected the computer and "fried" it. Well it isn't just a folklore, it is possible. Software interacts with hardware all the time. Tells it how to run... think about it

thats why boards use dual BIOS or a BIOS with a boot block which checks that the checksum is valid. If its not, it will warn the user the BIOS is corrupted.

Secondly, BIOS viruses are specific to individual chipset models. Thirdldly, they cant run on a windows NT based system as it doesnt allow direct hardware access like that.

Seeing as this is a windows NT board, its safe to assume that is what he is running.