well first of all,,,i got this compaq presario 5373 from my sister,,,,she told me that the sound doesn't work,,,so i send my pc with a guy "technical guy",,yeah right!!,,,,and he told me that i was going to need a new soundcard so i said fine,,,,now i got a sound blaster card and a cd,,,to install this shit,,,another guy came and told me that it is easier if i fix the oldone cause the computer wasn't gonna be able to recognize the blaster if i have another soundcard inside or installed,,,now the guy that gave me the blaster card,,,he installed it on my computer and he tried ti do something but nothing worked out so he told me that he was going to come later to fix this shit,,,,,so what can i do to fix this by my self??,,,,,of course with some help,,,,
what is the process or steps i need to do??
what's all that stuff about the drivers,,,,please help me guys....thanks!!

This sounds rather confusing to me, but I'll give it a shot. You only need one sound card; I don't know if the old one was bad or not, but since you already have a new one, you should remove the old one and install the new one. When you start the computer, it should try to find some drivers for it but may not. Put in the CD that came with the new sound card and install the drivers from there.

If this doesn't answer your question, can you please try to clarify it?

ok, i'm gonna try to clarify this ,,ok, i got two soundcards,, one is the one that came with the computer, it is welded to the cpu , and i say this because of the technical guy that came before, now this soundcard doesn't work ,well i guess this,because i don't have any sound at all. now i received another soundcard,, a sound blaster card and i have a cd to install this card, the blaster card it is already in my cpu, BUT i still have the old one isntalled and they told me that my computer recognizes a soundcard,,,i guess it is the old one,,,,the one that doesn't work, and they told me that my computer isn't going to recognize the the blaster card if i still have the old one,,,,,now,,,what should i do?? do i need to fix the old one downloading some drives or something or what can i do make the new one work??

The welded in one ,lol, is considered onboard ,you will need motherboard chipset drivers to make it work ,if it functions ,now the sound blaster one will work better so you need to disable the unboard one ,this is done either by a jumper on the board or in the BIOS ,if we knew what motherboard was in th ecomputer we might be able to help you .so to find out the motherboard you can open the case and look for a name and number on the board !

Ok I think I can help with this. Make sure you disable and or uninstall the old sound card. Right click on my computer. Go to properties go to hardware go to divice manager. Go down to sounds and find the old card and disable it By right clicking on it and choosing from the download menue. Make sure your new one is abled and reboot. That should help. If disable it dosent do it just uninstall it, the old one the same way I just told you about only choose uninstall from the drop down menue instead of disable. Let me know if it worked..........

Hang on a bit. Just uninstalling the onboard sound from within Windows is not enough.

Uninstall the old one. Shut down.
Power up and immediately go into BIOS setup. Disable the onboard sound there.

Boot up, and install the new soundcard.

my pc tells me all my drivers are updated but i still have no sound