recently i cannot do anthing on my cumputer... my recycle bin doesnt work... access is denied in a lot of folders.... spyware of outrageous proportion... i've tried everything to fix it and im fed up. my system restore doesnt work either. it wont let me go to any date other than the current one, otherwise id just go back a few months and do that. how do you totally wipe everything out and make it like you just took the computer out of the box? the only thing i can find online is to download tech-in-a-box....

how do i restore my xp laptop back to factory settings

how do i restore my xp laptop back to factory settings

hi,with recovery dvd's. you should have been giver or created them yourself when you first go the laptop
what brand name and model # is your laptop
what windows version do you run ,how old is it !

how do i set my computer to factory settings?

how do i set my computer to factory settings?

read post #4 ,something there you don't understand ,just ask !

one important fact missing from post #4 ,you will loose everything on the hard drive when you do a factory restore !so backup you pictures and music .ect ect first

HELP!!!!! i have windows vista, on an HP, i need to restore back to factory settings and i cant figure it out, i was unbale to make recovery discs, it keeps telling me that i dont have enough spce on my drive, when i try to do anything, i can, can someone please please help me???

i was unbale to make recovery discs, it keeps telling me that i dont have enough spce on my drive,

you need to use at least 2 blank DVD and burn the recovery to them !

how do i restore factory settings

how do i restore factory settings

hi,with a hammer

i have a HP compaq 6735s laptop that i need to restore to factory settings. I have no discs.
been searching all day for ideas. the computer is 18 months old. f11 does not work.
i did manage to return to factory setting 8 months ago, but have forgotten what i did!

any help please guys?

I am dealing with the same issue, a total reformat and reinstall. The steps sound easy enough, but you wouldn't question this if the computer didn't have serious problems. Don't expect smooth sailing!

After exhausting repair means, go into your BIOS settings and change the boot order. You want to move CD/DVD to the first selection. While there, run the Diagnostics to insure that it is a software problem or bad hard drive.

When the system loads, the first thing you see is the HP logo. The options are at the very bottom of that screen. You use the f keys to get there. As you turn on the computer, you better be tapping quickly on, try f8 or if you catch the right option before the screen changes.

I very strongly suggest ordering the recovery DVD for your computer from HP. It is way too late making recovery disk at this point. This one is free and worth a try. Go to this site, Download Active@KillDisk DOS only iso burn to CD, not DVD.

Put the CD in and restart the computer. KillDisk should boot. There are options that very well may correct the problem. If you really want to wipe the hard drive for a new install, you also have that option. I wouldn't go there without exhausting repair given your computer will boot.

You may also have problems with your registry that will cause all kinds of interesting things to occur. This ultimately crashed my computer to where I couldn't repair or boot. Download the free version of Advanced System Care,

Another must do before opting to reinstall, there are free and good antivirus software at cnet. I would do a few scans with differing antivirus software in Safe Mode.

You want to repair if at all possible. I did a reformat and reinstall using HP DVDs. Windows Updates crashed the system. Now, the computer will not boot at all and there is a big problem with the BIOS. If I get there, I can't change the boot order to reinstall.

how can i restore my toshiba lap top back to factory settinge i have parkinsons and i need it to pay my games to keep my mind active keeps telling me memory is low and it is very slow can you help me