On a windows 2k computer, the RPC service was Disabled. Is there a method that can restarting it? Right clicking under Administative Serives>Servies has 'start' grayed out.


How did it get disabled in the first place?

WELL, I am suspicuous that I could be access via this service. While I am behind a Linksys firewall, and spybot SD says I am clean, I just got a little too paranoid and thought I could try Disable RPC service. I found out you could not turn it back on. (before and after a reboot)

I wish I could tell who and how a service is used by a program since it is never documented.

Thanks for being there to help.

Yeah there are a number of services you should never disable, Plug And Play and RPC are tha main two. They tend to screw up everything otherwise