ok im a way newbie at all this so be patient with me please.
whne i boot my computer up and log into my profile the only thing that shows up besides my wallpaper is a registry keys box, my explorer.exe will not load on its own i have to do the ctrl+alt+del to get the task manager then run new task to get my explorer to load. after i do that it runs fine until we log off then we go thru the same thing again.
i have a lot of disk space left. if anyone can offer me any insight on how i may fix this problem i would appreciate it.

The "logging off..." screen is on for hours and the computer does not shout down unless I hold down the buttun.

my os is windows vista home basic
If i need to give u anymore info please let me know what info and maybe how to find that info as well please.

On the info you've provided, I'd say head over to the Spyware/VCirus forum, read the sticky post and do what it says to post information about what your system is doing.

If you're brave, there's enough info there for you to sort the whole think out - if you're confident with this sort of Anti-Virus stuff.