I was attempting to uninstall McAfee Total Protection when it froze and eventually gave me the Blue Screen Of Death. I continue to get the BSOD every time that I attempt to re-boot. I cannot even boot in safe mode. I am running windows xp sp3. I am receiving the following message...
Stop: 0x000000C2, (0x00000043,0xcf5b8000,0x00000000,0x00000000)

I have run memtest86 and it looks clean. Makes me think that when it hung my registry got messed up but I'm stuck since I cannot re-boot. Do you have any suggestions for next steps?

I think nobody else likes answering BSOD questions. They are really horrible and this is one of the worst because, as you've no doubt read, it could be anything that causes the Kernel to bust; and that can be caused by anything. Possible culprit is a power glitch hosing something, possibly in one of the Windows SYS files on the HDD; or doing something to RAM that Memtest doesn't pick up - or that did some damage to your video controller. Anything like that could cause misbehaviour and thus a BSOD. Damage to a system file (which could also be virus related as well as due to a HW fault or power glitch) is a strong candidate.

You no doubt read this saga that ended in success?

The poor sod tried just about everything and of course the last thing he tried, and the one everyone wants to avoid, worked.

You'll need to do several of the things he tried, including removing memory, swapping memory (never mind MemTest - it doesn't test under Windows Kernel clashing conditions).

Thanks for your help. I really have not made any progress in correcting this so I am going to run the restore. I would like to extract some of the data from the hard drive on the desktop that won't boot & can save that to my laptop or an external hard drive. Do you have any suggestions for accessing and saving off that data.

I went through alot of the steps that this other user tried. Unfortunately, I could not find the root cause. So, I finally decided to save off the data and perform a clean install.

I was able to download Acronis Disk Director Suite to a laptop, burn a bootable CD, boot up the desktop with that CD, copy the data from the desktop to an external hard drive and then install XP

Thanks for the help. This issue is resolved.