Hi all,

Hope that somebody can help me with this as I am really at my wits end!

I've just been rebuilding my system from scratch. One minor point, the new Windows XP install insists on formatting both my HDs to 18.6 GIG, where as previously it did not have a problem seeing the full 20 Gig on each.....very bizarre!!!

The real problem is this:

I backed up ALL my important data to a external 40 GIG hard drive. When I tried to restore it it was all there with the exception of info in 'Documents and Settings' (although the directories are still there!) i.e. the seriously important stuff!

It seems to me that XP is now refusing to see it for some reason. I've also tried looking at with Salamnder (making hidden files etc visible) but my files still don't appear.......I think that 'somehow' XP may have deleted them (for real) although I haven't given up 'all' hope......

These files are actually required for an important Court case the local Council (well, important to me.....)

I'm tempted to join the long list of people suing Microsoft as I fail to see any other explanation as to why my data is no longer there. It definately went across to the HD (it took over a couple of hours and I sat and watched it do it......)

Please, please sombody help me!!!!

Thanks in anticpation!



I can't specifically state why your files did not successfully back up and restore. You may have had file encryption or other protective measures taken to sfaeguard them, which should have been removed before backing them up, and they are no longer accessible because of that factor. There may be a different reason.

The important point is, you should stop using the original hard drive IMMEDIATELY!

There is a high likelihood that your original files are still on the drive. They will not have been overwritten unless you have already stored lots and lots of new data on the drive. They will simply have had their 'signposts' removed so that Windows can no longer find them.

A professional Data Recovery Service will be able to recover any of your files which still remian intact, and such parts of other as remian there. If the data is crucially important for a court case, then I'm afraid that the rather high cost of such a service is the best and most sensible course of action available to you.

Hi Catweazle,

Thank you for trying to help me out with this. I don't believe that the prob would be due to encryption or other protective measures- I didn't set any up and if they didn't come in in 'default' in XP they shouldn't be there....

The 'original' hard drive had already been formatted to 18.6 GIG rather than the 20 GIG that it saw previously (dones the same to my second HD)....I do wonder if the missing files could be in the missing 1.4 GIG (per disk)?

I've tried using tiramasu, but it won't see the external HD! I think the software was written before USB came in.....:-(

I'm still looking for other data recovery software, if you can recommend any. I just can't afford the services of a professional firm.....fighting off bankruptcy and this is the main reason why I'm suing the Council....however, do you have any idea of the cost of such a service?

I've almost given up, although I'm still hopeful that I can get a 'miracle proggie' from somewhere!

Thanks again!

Kind Regards,
Brother J

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